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  • Episode 51: Nearpod

    Episode 51: Nearpod

    4 comments Published Mar 7, 11 AM Play in new window | DownloadNearpod is a free app that allows you to share a presentation in real time on student devices. When you swipe to to the next slide, student devices automatically switch to the next slide. Use Nearpod to collect student data–students can draw over an image, answer multiple choice questions, […]

  • Episode 33: Twitter Hashtags

    Episode 33: Twitter Hashtags

    0 comments Published Oct 18, 23 PM Play in new window | DownloadTwitter makes it easy to with other educators around the world. Rather than following people, focus on following/searching for hashtags to find useful edtech content. For example, search #edchat to find education ideas, #ntchat to find tips for new teachers, or #musedchat to find music education ideas.