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  • Episode 30: AirPlay and Air Server

    Episode 30: AirPlay and Air Server

    6 comments Published May 16, 14 PM Play in new window | DownloadYou may know that AirPlay is a technology built into your iOS devices that allows you to stream audio and video over WIFI to an AirPlay compatible device like an Apple TV or AirPort Express.  A common classroom application of this is to have an Apple TV connected to […]

  • Episode 24: Projector Remotes

    Episode 24: Projector Remotes

    0 comments Published Apr 24, 00 AM Play in new window | DownloadVisit for more classroom technology tutorials like this one. Today we’re talking about using the remote control for your classroom projector. Many teachers find themselves in the position where they are using the classroom computer and projector to show some information or instructions to the class, but then […]

  • Episode 22: Prezi Viewer for iPad

    Episode 22: Prezi Viewer for iPad

    0 comments Published Apr 17, 06 AM Play in new window | DownloadIn my last couple videos I’ve spent some time taking a look at the online presentation tool, Prezi. Today will be the last in my series on Prezi where we will take a look at the Prezi Viewer app on the iPad. The Prezi viewer app is free from […]