Episode 49: Embedding Google Presentations

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Welcome back to Edtech Moment.   I this episode we look at how to embed Google Presentations into you Google Sites.

We start by getting our presentations into your Google Drive. You can either create your presentation in your drive, or upload slides from either PowerPoint, or PDF formats.  This is usually what I prefer to do.  I create my slides in either Keynote or Powerpoint and then upload them into my Google Drive.

Once your presentation is in your Google Drive you can go back over you your Site.  Click on the Edit button and place your insertion point on the page where you want the presentation to show. Click on the Insert menu and choose Presentation.  The Google Site will look at your Drive and show you all the presentations that you have created or uploaded to your Drive.  Select the presentation you want to embed.  You will have some options to set, such as size, duration of slides, and borders.  I like to have no title or border.

You will also have the same formatting options that you had with the embedded videos and forms that we looked at in past episodes.

Embedding Google Presentations is a great way to share slides with student for taking notes off a website or maybe creating a self-paced pre-test review tool.  Combine this with embedded forms to make an online quiz.

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  • Edwina Hansard

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