Episode 17: Introduction to Prezi

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I’ve always taught my students that a presentation slides should not contain all your content, but provide context or a visual representation of the content that you are talking about in your presentation. Today I’m going to show you about an online presentation tool that really lets you put your presentation information in context.

This tool is called Prezi, at http://prezi.com

Prezi is a presentation tool that gives you one large “Canvas” workspace for all your graphics and data rather than multiple individual slides like a more traditional presentation tool. You can layout your content and graphics in a way that makes sense to the context of what you are presenting about. You can group ideas together and even scale your contents to show importance or hierarchy of information.

Setting up your prezi account

You will need to start by setting up an account at Prezi.com. When you first come to set up your account you will see three different Prezi licenses ranging from Free to $159 a year. Come up to the button in the upper right corner and click to see special licenses for educators only. Keep in mind that to access these price ranges you will need access to a school email address. Under the education licenses you can either get the Enjoy license for free, or you can still pay for the pro license for a discounted rate.

Get your free prezi account setup and in the next episode we will begin looking more closely at how to begin building your own Prezis.

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