Episode 30: AirPlay and Air Server

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You may know that AirPlay is a technology built into your iOS devices that allows you to stream audio and video over WIFI to an AirPlay compatible device like an Apple TV or AirPort Express.  A common classroom application of this is to have an Apple TV connected to a flat screen display, or HDMI projector so that the teacher can stream wirelessly from an iPad or iPhone 4 to the display for showing presentations, websites, or videos.  It is a great advantage for a teacher to be able to teach from the iPad without being tethered to the projector.
To turn on AirPlay you will need to have both devices connected to the same WIFI network. On the iPad swipe up with four fingers to see your recent applications (or double tap the home button), swipe right to see your controls and you will see the AirPlay button. Tap the button to chose the device to stream to.
Another tool related to AirPlay that is useful to teachers is an application called Air Server.   This is a program that you can install on your Mac or Windows computer that turns your computer into an AirPlay device, meaning that you can have your computer hooked to a classroom projector, and then stream wirelessly from your iPad or iPhone 4 to your computer that is being displayed on the projector.  This is a great way stream wirelessly from your iPad even if you don’t have an Apple TV and HDMI display available in your classroom.
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  • mik3

    A quick question, and pardon my lack of network knowledge. Can I use airplay while displaying a website?

    • http://www.billselak.com/ billselak

      Yes! Anything your device shows will show up on the ATV.

      • Mik3

        Awesome, thank you for the quick response!

  • frank

    My airserver -icon is not available on my ipad 2 when i use prezi? What do I do wrong?

    • http://www.edtechmoment.com Tim

      Hi Frank,
      When this happens to me it usually means that my iPad and the device I’m trying to Airplay to – usually my laptop or Apple TV – are not currently on the same WiFi network. Double check that everything is on the same network and it should take care of your issue. If not, let me know and we’ll keep troubleshooting. :)

  • Yuki

    Hi a quick question, is there anyway i can record my stuff that i’m doing on my ipad to my PC?