Episode 22: Prezi Viewer for iPad

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In my last couple videos I’ve spent some time taking a look at the online presentation tool, Prezi.

Today will be the last in my series on Prezi where we will take a look at the Prezi Viewer app on the iPad.

The Prezi viewer app is free from the App store.   When you first launch the app you will need to log into your prezi account and then you will be able to see your prezis that you have created online.

Here you will see two sections, the top section has prezis that you have already downloaded and the lower section has all prezis that you have created and are ready to be downloaded.

Now, as the app is named the Prezi Viewer it is designed especially for viewing and showing your prezis.  The great thing is that while Prezi is originally an online presentation tool, once you have download your presentation to your iPad you don’t need an internet connection to view or show your prezi.

Let’s go ahead and download the prezi that we created in the last episode.

When we first open the prezi we can see the main view,  and I tap the Question Mark in the upper right hand corner I get a few instructions.

Tap and hold any object to edit

Double Tab any object to zoom

Use two fingers to Zoom and Rotate

Also, tapping the arrows on the right and left sides of the screen will allow me to review the path that has been created in the prezi.

And while this is primarily a viewer app, we can do some minor editing.   I can tap and hold any object to select it, then I am able to move it, rotate it, or resize it and then lock it back down.

If it is a text element, then I am also able to edit the text.   This is great for a making minor adjustments on the fly, but you still need to do the majority of the creation of presentation on the computer with an internet connection.

Once I’ve reviewed my path and have finished my minor adjustments I’m ready to show my presentation.

Tap the SHOW button in the upper right corner to put the viewer in full screen presentation mode.

Again we are given some basic instructions… tap near the right side of the screen to move forward through the path and tap near the left side of the screen to move backwards.

So I can tap to move forward and backward through the path that has been set up, but because Prezi is also a non-linear presentation tool, I am not limited to following the path.   I can use all the regular multi-touch gestures to move around in the prezi canvas, following the instructions given to me before.

I can pinch to zoom in and out and rotate, and double tap on any object or frame to zoom in on it.

Even the YouTube content that I have embedded will play perfectly/  IF  I have an internet connection AND YouTube isn’t blocked.

Double tap on the picture to focus in on it, and then on the frame to move back out and see the big picture to finish.

When the presentation is done I can tap the small square in the right hand corner to close the presentation view, and then the HOME icon in the upper left corner to head back to your Prezi library.

So remember, you will need to build your Prezis on a computer with an internet connection, but then you can download them into the Prezi Viewer app for viewing and presenting offline as long as you don’t have any embedded youtube content.

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